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We started operations in May 1995 and since then we have achieved rapid growth.
To Bridge the gap between IT companies and the required suitable Construction solution
Today we are a team of specialists in the ever changing IT & Construction field and generating diverse domain knowledge. World-class
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Businesses have varied needs based on their trade, domain, specialization, size, etc. More importantly, the workspace is really the personality of the business, and it must reflect the attitude of the company.
Location Identification
Space Planning Interior & Exterior
Environmental Planning
Futurization Consideration
  Location Indentification
  Where you do not have a location firmed up and need us to contribute,
we will work with your project team to understand your preferences, needs, budgets, etc, identify the probable locations; help in negotiations and with legalities.
  Space Planning
  Exteriors of a building project the personality of a home or an organization.
It is the elevation, the contours, the colors and the textures that leave a subtle impression. We go deep enough into exterior textures for ease of maintenance and in line with the environmental conditions of the location.

The interiors of a workplace determine the spiritedness of the people that occupy the tenement. The layout, the atrium, the open areas, the eating, meeting and conference areas, etc are important parts of consideration.
If a building is for an IT based company, we provide in-ground network
cabling, we plan for anti static finishes in server areas; for a chemical warehouse we would use seamless, leak-proof and acid resistant finishes.

Glitz and glamour or old world charm, we can tailor the structure to meet
your needs!

  Environmental Planning
  Geographical locations demand different approach to planning a structure.
For example, in areas that are prone to swings in temperature and humidity, we recommend use of sulphide resistant cement (SRC) or epoxy coated steel for construction in some parts of the structure this is because cracks develop due to temperature swings and humidity permeates RCC structures. When this lingers around the chemical content of ordinary cement, it leads to formation of corrosive sulphuric acidic around the core steel bars.

Exterior finishes must be planned for long and maintenance-free life, Due to growing air pollution in some locales; sometimes it may be wise to glass exterior cladding over the hugely popular aluminum cladding.
Air pollution leads to mimicking acid rain type of reaction which is highly corrosive.

While your investment will be appropriately protected with the approaches above, we take into consideration issues like harvesting rain water to alleviate pressures on fresh water sources, we recommend solar water heaters to save electricity, we plan cross-ventilation in the building to assure flow of fresh air to maintain a healthy interior environment and reduced electricity costs. Where buildings are fully enclosed, we consider the issues of reducing thermal transfer into exteriors.

  Futurization Consideration
  Your business is planned for growth and designed for success, but seldom are buildings so built. We attempt to extrapolate your needs for the future and build as much futurization into the building plan and structure, still staying in line with your budgets. For example, you may want to accommodate for an additional x number of people, we would plan an atrium that can encapsulate a few additional labs or conference areas, and we will plan ducting, plumbing and services in a manner that makes addition of workspace almost pluggable.

Some of the points described above actually help reduce the total cost of ownership in the long run, and you can enjoy your remises for a log time and let it grow with you!


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